‘ok, can i tell you the single worst mistake of my life?’
‘jesus christ…’
‘no-no-no, you don’t understand. that’s when i knew for sure that i was in love with you. what i didn’t know was how the fuck to deal with it so-so i screwed it all up.’
‘…what did you just say?’

i know i say it all the time on this site but this is actual perfection


#i enjoy showing this to people who are not crazy and being like can you tell what this is from #and theyre like …no………. can you….. #and i’m like HAHAHAHA and then my feet turn into rockets and i fly into the sun #yknow #casual

My favorite TSN character has less than 1 full minute of screentime.

I love Dustin Moskovitz, the character that is. And I love Joe Mazello. And perhaps I love rl Dustin a little bit too.

But seriously, all the feelings, and he has like 5 lines…. OH NO! I must watch the movie right NOW and count how many dialogues Dustin has. I can’t believe I don’t know. Why don’t I know?! I’m the worst Dustin fan, I feel so ashamed. I have to do my research before claiming my fandom. It is necessary and JUSTIFIED


AU in which TSN is a happy movie that didn’t ruin my life.

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tsn fandom on tumblr on weekday nights is like when the bar has kind of emptied out and all that’s left is like 6 or 7 belligerently drunk regulars yelling incoherently at one another

I wonder if Wardo ever sits around raging to I gave you all by Mumford & Sons…