“I was searching from the start of my conscious life for some kind of constructive way to work through my feelings, and I found acting.”

I was trying to find out if I could get Boy A for my Blu collection… 

did I just… watch Never Let Me Go and Boy A in a row? 

#need this on my blog tbh #christopher nolan #sigh i like to respect everyone’s opinions #but it always makes me sad to see people talk shit about nolan #calling him quasi-intellectual and a bad director#personally i think nolan is able to accomplish beautiful films on a grand scale #sure there are flaws#but they do manage to captivate the audience (or at least me) and create those tugging-at-the-heartstrings emotions #not only that but they also stir intellectual thought #which is something i love about my favorite movies- the ability to make you think beyond the movie #christopher nolan is one of my favorite directors and i’ll stand by my opinion


You didn’t know me when I was 13. 

I really wish I did.

The resemblance is uncanny

I… I’ll just reblog this for eternity.

We used to wait...

I’ve been obsessing over this song all week long without knowing how the hell it ended up in my cellphone.

No internet access meant I had no idea what the name or band even was, although I had my suspicions.

Looked it up today.


default album art
Song: Intriguing Possibilities
Artist: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Album: The Social Network
20 plays

Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I’m performing life changing shit right here and now. Just to prove how powerfull that feeling is, today I cleaned after my dog while listening to it blasting my headphones to death. I felt like a billion dollars with that mop on my hand, man…

Good GOD! I swear too much. I will be sent to the darkest pit of hell for it, but it will be worth it because Heaven is a place on Earth where Andrew is….

How can you watch this and not get drowned in feelings? HOW?! Give me your secret. NOW!