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#need this on my blog tbh #christopher nolan #sigh i like to respect everyone’s opinions #but it always makes me sad to see people talk shit about nolan #calling him quasi-intellectual and a bad director#personally i think nolan is able to accomplish beautiful films on a grand scale #sure there are flaws#but they do manage to captivate the audience (or at least me) and create those tugging-at-the-heartstrings emotions #not only that but they also stir intellectual thought #which is something i love about my favorite movies- the ability to make you think beyond the movie #christopher nolan is one of my favorite directors and i’ll stand by my opinion

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  • Track Name

    Intriguing Possibilities

  • Album

    The Social Network

  • Artist

    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Whenever I listen to this song I feel like I’m performing life changing shit right here and now. Just to prove how powerfull that feeling is, today I cleaned after my dog while listening to it blasting my headphones to death. I felt like a billion dollars with that mop on my hand, man…

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