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i love mitsukuni and mori-senpai idfjfihohohg <3

QUESTION: I don’t follow anime, I’m probably a bit old for it, but the drawings always seem kind of racist to me, and this is a prime example. East Asia has a horrible cosmetic aspirationalism pushed on it - especilly for skin-whitening creams and increasingly for cosmetic eye-lid surgery to make them look more Western. It seems to me that these cartoons totally reinforce that. Why here, for example, is the obviously mean prefect-type boy dark-skinned with narrow eyes (ie. Asian), and the other ‘Asian’ boy (presumably the main character of the story?) is blonde, fair-skinned, and big-eyed? WHY? Is it a racist genre, and if so, why don’t more people have a problem with this?

are you fucking serious he just wants some cake holy shit

shyukfhbrtebfvhbfdhm, OMG this fucking misdirected activism

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