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Love for this film just sort of develops into this all-consuming ridiculous black hole of obsessive ruin, in which you wake up one morning and discover that not only have your feelings about the main characters progressed to life-ruining proportions such that the mere sight of an empty chair makes you want to throw yourself out a window— you also have actual feelings about sassy prop characters who appear on screen for all of 90 seconds (I’m looking at you, Amy Ritter).

indecentexposed about the social network (via peculiarnuisance)

And Dustin. Dustin’s stupid face.faces. existance. gah.

I just want to be that ice-cream, i mean what

Look at that silly goofball made of awkwardness and perfection.

My bestfriend just compared my feelings for andrew to her little sister’s reaction to 1D. I seriously need to stop it, her sister’s reactions are just outrageous. Stoping. Someday. Maybe.

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